Sheffshield Face Shield / Visor

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The SheffShield provides an effective barrier to airborne liquid splashes and droplets. It comprises a single polypropylene headband for many hours of comfortable, sweat free use. Attached to this is the sparkling clear visor coated to reduce fogging and static. To securely retain the face shield an adjustable latex free strap is provided with the ability to accommodate tied back hair.

  • Enclosed Headband stops drips and splashes from above.
  • Visor protects against droplets and splashes.
  • Glass clear PET visor. Coated to reduce fogging and static.
  • Latex free retaining strap for added security and comfort.
  • Integrated ear saver.
  • Designed for comfort over many hours of use
  • Designed to be cleaned and sterilised to enable reuse
  • Integrated ear saver, specially designed tabs on the head band to hook face masks onto rather than the wearers ears
  • Industry leading sparkling optically clear visor coated to reduce fogging and static
  • Simple to adjust headband, easy to secure and fit around tied back hair
  • Only 3 components, assembled at point of use or supplied ready assembled
  • Manufactured in the UK from recyclable materials.